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Boosting Your Trading Income With Weekly Options Premium

It's well known that in in order to be truly successful in the financial markets, you'll need to be patient.

Rushing into day trades, buying premature breakouts and bounces, and short selling parabolic charts too early are surefire ways to send your trading account the way of the dodo. So, what to do with all that free time while you're waiting for the perfect time to strike? Uh, make more trades of course!

Ok - not exactly, but close. Unfortunately if you want this to work, you'll still have to be patient, but you can boost your trading income …

Data Analysis and Strategy Development

The most important thing you can do as a developing trader is consistently review and analyze your trades.

As a data-driven trader (and a data geek in general), I love data analysis in trading. When reviewing and analyzing your trades, your goal is to identify potential pitfalls, understand what you did wrong, understand what you did right, and single out any trends, ultimately allowing you to draw conclusions about how you can improve in the future. Like any other new skill such as playing an instrument or learning a new sport, learning to trade requires practice and a lot of …


Throughout my trading career I’ve interacted with many traders. I have been a member of several different trading communities where I could watch some new traders blossom and others blow up their accounts. I have worked personally, on a daily basis, with many different brand new traders as well as some vastly experienced ones to both tweak my own style as well as to try to help newer traders tweak theirs. Ultimately, some of these traders have stuck it out and become profitable, some are still working on it, and some have decided that trading is not for them.

Personally, …

Four Effective Ways to Determine Your Ideal Position Size

One of the concepts I’m often asked about by other traders is the concept of proper position sizing. I’ve blogged about this in the past, but that post still left a lot of questions unanswered, especially if you’re in that “experimental” phase of your trading career where you’re trying to feel out what works and what doesn’t. It can be difficult, even after reading that post, to “know yourself” without years of experience. To combat this phenomenon I decided to make the issue of position sizing a bit more systematic. By doing this it gives you a way to …

Seven Trading Tools I Couldn’t Trade Without

We all know that the tools don’t make the trader. A caveat to that though is that while much of the success of profitable traders comes from within, every profitable trader has a small set of tools that they absolutely couldn’t trade without. They might be software, hardware, or something completely unrelated to trading, but I guarantee you they’re there. I use a ton of resources to gather ideas for trades and execute on those ideas, but there are seven tools about which I can confidently say, “If I didn’t have this, there would be a direct negative impact …