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Let's Talk About Whales

Disclaimer: All data is sourced from SEC 13-F filings, and note that these figures are estimates and may differ significantly due to the recent large moves in tech stocks. For the most part the calculations should be accurate but because institutional ownership is relative to market cap, it can be skewed if there's a big change in stock price compared to the point the holdings data was reported. I've tried to ensure the market cap comparison is current, but it can still be a bit fucky due to the fact that the holdings data is from Q2 and Q3 hasn't …

Visualizing Insider and Institutional Ownership with LazyFA

Many investors know that tracking insider and institutional ownership in a publicly traded company can provide significant insight into company happenings and potentially even predict significant company events before they're announced publicly. Unfortunately, many times the ownership breakdown of a large company can be difficult to understand due to the complexity of the SEC filings that document it, the number of insiders and institutions that have a financial interest in the company, and the sheer complexity of the structure of the company itself. The situation is further complicated by the constant change in this internal ownership structure, as insiders and …