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Six Backhanded Ways to Improve Your Trading Results

It’s been over three months since I posted a new blog entry here. I only like to write when I feel inspired, so that my readers consistently get content that can add value to their lives and never get a post that was posted “just because.” Having said that, I’ve been thinking about this for some time: Trading is the most difficult challenge you’ll ever face. Even if you do manage to make it over the seemingly insurmountable mountain of trading “tuition,” you’ve still got a long road ahead of you: you need to develop consistency, develop a sense of …

The Six Most Influential People in My Trading

I've met many people in my trading journey.

In 2014 I drove around the country for three months, traveling over 7500 miles to meet and trade with some of the best traders on the planet. Some of the people who’ve influenced me I met on that journey. Others I’ve met via social media, in trading chat rooms, or just by chance. While everyone I’ve met or interacted with in this business has had at least some impact on my trading style and abilities, there are six people who stand out from the crowd due to the things they’ve taught me. …

My Own Worst Enemy

A lot of people come to me for trading advice and I do the same to countless others. I’ve spoken with and learned from a huge range of traders, educators, and long term investors. Whenever someone comes to me looking for help, I always find myself recounting a short anecdote about something my trading mentor once said to me when I was struggling to learn how to day trade. This was years ago now, but despite the terrible grammar and seemingly angsty, juvenile delivery, the words he spoke still stick with me to this day and I found them prophetic. …

The Greatest Trade I've Ever Made

I’ve traded for quite some time now.

I just passed the two year mark trading full time, the five year mark since I started day trading heavily in 2011, and the 13 year mark since I opened my first trading account with Scottrade at age 18. I’ve said many times on this blog that I’ve had ups and downs over that time period. I’ve wanted to quit multiple times and have gone through drawdowns I thought I would never get out of. I struggled for years to build a system that worked and even when I’d finally built one I …