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With respect to trading, if someone were to ask you what your niche is, could you answer?

Many traders couldn’t. That’s why many traders aren’t consistently profitable. Over the years I’ve learned countless strategies and studied hundreds of trading methodologies. I’ve spoken with, visited and traded with so many traders I’ve lost count at this point. In this age of information sharing and social media it’s easy to become overwhelmed and overloaded with too much content. There are books, DVDs, blogs, live courses, mentoring, you name it. Much of it is free or low cost which is great, but that …

The Federal Open Who?

Background information:

If you’re actively trading, one thing you’ll hear other traders talking about from time to time is “FOMC Day”. Eight times a year, the Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC, gets together and discusses various topics including economic growth, unemployment, interest rates and inflation. After the meeting the committee makes an announcement to the world regarding what they discussed. Often you’ll see the market react violently to this announcement, which usually happens at 2pm, so it’s worth it to understand exactly what implications these meetings have, what the FOMC is talking about and how it affects the …

Trading a Parabolic Bounce

I figured I’d do something a little different here since I had some free time during the day. I'd like to give everyone a peek into my thought process on some of the stocks I’m trading. One of my favorite setups to play is a parabolic bounce where the stock has been beaten down a lot over a period of several days and then has a strong bounce which you can hold for a couple days as the early shorts take their profits from way above.

My most recent parabolic bounce trade was in REN. It’s actually a relatively …